Our Services:

"Indulge in a Breakfast Wonderland"

Wake up to a vibrant feast of flavors, colors, and endless choices under our pergola, all included with your stay!

    "Savor the Art of Aperitivo"

    Unwind with a complimentary handcrafted Cocktail or Wine pairing!

    "Timeless Beauty":

    Delight in Sunsets while reading a book from every corner of our Garden!

    "Capture Memories in Blooming Beauty":

    Await the perfect shot and enjoy your picnic in our 1ha Lavender Field starting in Summer 2024!

    "Awaits Your Dive":

    Our eco-friendly pool constructed with recyclable materials, a vibrant jewel of our ongoing project, set to unveil its splendor in Summer 2024!

    "Unveil the Secrets of Time":

    Explore our Wine Cellar and marvel at Centuries-Old Vaults, whether you're a wine enthusiast or not!

    "Arrive in Style":

    Pre-arranged Airport Pick-up and transfer service available at an additional cost in our Mercedes V-Klasse for 7 pax!

    "Stay Connected at Lightning Speed":

    Experience unrivaled connectivity with STARLINK'S high-speed Satellite Internet!

    "Traveling with Ease":

    Optional Washer and Dryer access for Stress-Free family adventures!"